Project: Your Parish Needs You
Client: Jersey Honorary Police
Deliverables: Video, Branding, Campaign, Design and Website

We worked in collaboration with the Jersey Honorary Police to re-brand the organisation and create and execute an island-wide recruitment campaign.

Following a series of workshops with a range of community groups and business organisations it was clear that the Honorary Police required a professional and consistent brand identity.

Our Senior Designer carried out significant research into all of the local parish crests and developed a design that would work perfectly as a logo for the organisation as a whole and for all of the individual parishes.

JNP Flyer

We then got to work on developing a strategy for an integrated marketing and PR campaign. It was clear that this would need to be a ‘video first’ campaign so the key messages could be communicated effectively. A dedicated website, www.yourparishneedsyou.je was designed and built that would be the central hub for all of the content.

It was agreed that this campaign would require humour to help increase engagement, as well as more serious messaging to be communicated. This is the video that was created for the launch and that would be the initial focus of the campaign

21 support videos were also created to cover a wide range of topics. Current serving officers and States of Jersey Police talk about their experiences in these videos and they discuss the value that the service gives to them personally and to the community.

Armed with flyers and their own knowledge, the Honorary Police planned plenty of opportunities to encourage conversations with local people. Pop-up stands at several locations across the island and parish drop in sessions were organised. Roadside banners and posters were also put up in key locations.

Huge thanks to the local media for supporting this campaign and for all of the coverage that it has received.