Project: Whispers & Lies
Client: Jersey War Tunnels
Deliverables: Design and Installation

We were asked to create and curate an interactive exhibition at the Jersey War Tunnels to give visitors a sense of the moral dilemma of fraternising with the enemy when Jersey was occupied in WW2. 

Visitors were presented with a series of informant letters detailing different scenarios that would carry varying degrees of risk and consequence if they were sent to the Commandant. Some would be fatal. They were forced to decide whether or not to snitch on their neighbour and send the letter in exchange for a reward of rations or medicine. The visitors’ decisions were secretly tallied and the results and consequences of those decisions were revealed at the end of the exhibition.

War Tunnels Whispers and Lies Room
War Tunnels Whispers and Lies Post Box
War Tunnels Whispers and Lies Letters
War Tunnels Whispers and Lies