Utilising our skills, experience, and love of training, we deliver courses that range from media training, presentation training, sales and networking training to general office-based skills to enhance your career. At every level, from trainees to CEOs, we see exceptional results. Every individual is supported on their own learning journey, as we focus on building confidence and augmenting skill sets.

Online training solutions:

Getting the best from remote meetings

Running a meeting online is different to running one in person. There are additional challenges that you need to be prepared for to make sure that you get what you need from your meeting. Understanding the things that impact how you engage but also how people engage with you can make the world of difference to how well a meeting goes. On this course we will help you adapt your style to be as effective online as you are in person.


  • Tackling the tech 
  • The best set up to look and sound as professional as possible 
  • Tips and techniques to deliver the best experience for all 
  • Structure & controlling a meeting
  • Being inclusive: Pulling people in and shutting people down! 
  • Handling Q&A 
  • Closing a meeting 
  • Take-away tops tips and recommended kit
    list provided

Delivering a presentation and winning webinar

Delivering a presentation or webinar online has become the new normal, however, most people feel ill-equipped, uncomfortable and highly pressurised. In this 1-hour session we share advice and recommendations that empower and equip participants to communicate with confidence.


  • How to prepare for a presentation/webinar  
  • Presentation skills and techniques advice  
  • The best set up to look and sound as professional as possible
  • Agenda, structure and journey 
  • Slides and screen share 
  • How to end a presentation well 
  • Recommendations as to how to handle a Q&A and how to remain in control
  • Take-away tops tips and recommended kit
    list provided

One-to-one Presentation Training

If you have an important presentation on the horizon and you want to take time to go through it, rehearse and hone it, this is the best way to prepare. During this one-to-one session our highly experienced presentation coach will work with you to perfect your presentation skills and techniques, whilst building your confidence.

We will ask you to come to the training ready to deliver a 5-minute presentation. Our trainer teaches skills and techniques that will improve and enhance your performance when public speaking. Topics include overcoming nerves and addressing bad/nervous habits.

One-to-one Media Training

If you have a big story that is about to break or a campaign that you know will attract media attention this is the best way to prepare your spokesperson. During this one-to-one session, our highly experienced broadcast journalist will work with them to hone their messaging and prepare the perfect sound-bites. There is also the opportunity for plenty of interview practice when we will review the recorded responses.

PR & Crisis Management Workshop

If a crisis hit your organisation and you were hitting the headlines – what would you do? Are you prepared? How you respond in a crisis is critical. Burying your head in the sand is not an option. You can’t just send out one of team, like a lamb to the slaughter, to talk to the media. Now is the time to make a plan. This is an interactive and practical ‘real life’ scenario course tailored for your communications team and senior executives. We spend time formulating your pre-crisis action plan and teaching the golden rules when it comes to crisis management. We will require a planning meeting with you in advance of the session so the scenario is bespoke to your organisation.

Shooting Mobile Video Training

Shooting and editing on mobile

Video is now the preferred tool for both internal and external communications. However budgets don’t always allow for these to be made professionally. Our ‘Shooting & Editing on Mobile’ training course equips your in-house team to create consistent and engaging messaging using video that is captured and edited on their smartphone.


Bespoke one-to-one digital marketing training

We offer a range of bespoke training courses in digital and social media. If you need a customised training session in digital marketing, be that executing on a social media plan or getting the most from your website analytics our highly skilled team can help you and your team succeed.

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We’ve released a series of free videos. Check out our hints & tips and our industry discussions based around our popular online and face-to-face presentation and media training sessions.

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Media and Presention Training
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Why training is important.

We believe that continual personal development is a must for career success and business growth. Upskilling through training brings more competence, confidence and productivity to your role. For businesses, staff who receive training and career growth opportunities are statistically more likely to stay in the company for the long term. A win-win!

At Freedom Media we offer online training and face-to-face training, ranging from bespoke 1:1 sessions to group workshops, depending on your specific requirements.

We have a highly experienced and skilled team of trainers who have all worked in the industry. They share the tricks of the trade and their inside knowledge to give you the confidence and skills to enhance your career. Every individual is supported on their own learning journey and at every level, from trainees to CEOs, we see exceptional results.

We can promise that you will get real value out of the time you invest learning with us. Out of 100 former delegates surveyed, 97.85% rated the course as ‘good’ or ‘exceeded my expectations’.

What our delegates say

Face-to-face training courses

Due to the current restrictions, we are only offering online training sessions, however, when we are able to travel once again, we will resume delivering our courses wherever you are in the world. Click here to see our list of team and one-to-one training courses. We are offering flexible booking so that when the restrictions are lifted we can start straight away.

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