Stuart Stables

Commercial Director

Stuart looks after the commercial and financial aspects of the Freedom Media business. The application of his entrepreneurial mindset, alongside the brilliant ideas generated by our creative team, combine well to deliver great outcomes for our clients.
Having worked in the banking and finance industry for over 20 years, with a background in client relationship management, Stuart has significant experience in operations management as well as leading and developing teams to reach strategic objectives. He holds an MBA from the University of Wales and loves having the opportunity of working with clients to ensure the creative work produced by Freedom Media delivers positive results for their business.

A true Scot, Stuart doesn’t feel the cold and can be regularly seen in short sleeved shirts, when the rest of us normal people are wearing thermals! His favourite word in most situations, bad or good, is ‘marvellous’. Outside of work, Stuart likes walking, especially on the north coast of Jersey but equally loves the freedom of getting off the island so he can drive faster than 40 miles an hour!



played a variety of musical instruments since he was 7 years old


 will never:

take up the bagpipes (despite his Scottish roots) .… nor will he ever eat cheese!