Laura Le Cheminant

Office Manager

Not only does Laura love stationery (you should see her desk) she is also, without question, the most organised and methodical person in our studio. That is why she is our office manager.
Laura graduated from the University of Reading with a BA in Linguistics in 1998. She loves reading, which, combined with her love of language, gives her a keen eye for proof reading and great flair in her presentation of data.

Working for 15 years in a mainstream secondary school, Laura developed skills in creative communication, team management, complex data analysis and a wide range of administrative activities in a high-pressure environment. When she is set a challenge, she always finds a way to deliver and she gets things done quickly.

Outside of work, Laura expresses her creativity in a variety of ways… she is a board-game enthusiast and developer, enjoys crochet, and co-authored a full-length musical theatre production staged in 2012. Could the Freedom Media Team Panto be next?



a passion for penguins (and alliteration)


 will never:

enjoy having her photograph taken!