Euan Gordon

Client Services Director

Euan looks after the client-facing aspects of Freedom Media. Working closely with the Creative and Commercial Directors he ensures that projects delivered meet the needs, and exceed the expectations, of our clients.
Having worked in the creative industry for the better part of ten years, with experience across the marketing mix, Euan has a broad range of skills that allow him to strategically advise clients on the best, and most efficient, way to meet their marketing objectives.
Euan is a haggis eating, occasional kilt wearing and cold loving Scot. He works remotely from Edinburgh for the time being but is excited to move to Jersey and enjoy all that island life has to offer. In his spare time, Euan spends hours (yes hours) pushing his young son on the swing and plays the occasional round of golf.



watched the sunrise over the Himalayas


 will never:

be convinced that coconut doesn’t taste like soap