Darren Kilford

Technical Manager

We love Darren’s ‘can do’ attitude, and his passion for technology and all things digital.
Daz or Dazzar, as we like to call him, has 20 years’ experience, an eye for great design and the insight and ability to bring together the many technology options available, ensuring the best results. Never stressed, he enjoys working with small clients and global businesses; from helping charities achieve a web presence to implementing large global IT network & software systems. He understands how to maximise the use of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Social Media to reach the targeted audience.

Darren works remotely for Freedom Media. He left Jersey for Spain in 2007 and lives in Santander with his wife and three boys. Together with his wife Maria, he directs and runs a Christian youth ministry and puts on various youth events all over Spain. Darren is pretty busy!

In his spare time Darren likes to eat, drink Dr Pepper and top up his tan.

He visits us often, which is great, because he always brings great wine with him!



always wanted to be a rally driver


 will never:

eat kidneys