Branca Goddard

Deputy Creative Director

Branca delivers. Every time. She’s our super talented Senior Designer and our clients love her work. Every project begins on a blank page in her sketchbook, but in no time at all it’s packed full of creative designs and ideas that she’s carefully processed and researched. She excels at creating and developing brands and concepts for marketing campaigns.
A self-confessed font fanatic, Branca likes to spend her spare time reading books about typography and keeping up-to-date with the latest design trends. She is driven, focused, hard-working and completely and utterly obsessed with detail.

Her desk is as creative as her mind, she loves quirky stationery and gadgets and she is surrounded by minions (which are coincidentally called Stuart and Phil!)

To relax, Branca enjoys extreme sports, rugby, boxing and riding her motorbike.



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 will never:

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