Project: Nightingale Hospital Wing Build
Client: J3 / States of Jersey
Deliverables: Video, Photography, Social Media and Website

Build a hospital in 3 weeks? Surely that’s asking the impossible! But it happened, and we were there to witness a collaboration like no other, spurred on by immense community support. We captured the incredible story through video, photography and social media. 

Two weeks into lockdown we got a call asking us to document the build of the Nightingale Wing of the Jersey General Hospital. We turned up to an empty field in full PPE on Good Friday for a meeting to make a plan, just as the contractors were arriving on site to start clearing the ground. That same day we began the journey of capturing footage and images of what was to be a super speed project that would tell the story of this historic community achievement.

“Intense doesn’t even come close to describing this project. It was astonishing to see what was accomplished by everyone involved who lived, breathed and dreamt Nightingale for 3 solid weeks. We are so proud to have played our part in it and to have had the opportunity to tell the story of such an important community project.” Hannah Shellswell, Creative Director

Over three intense weeks, our team was on site capturing the significant moments, the emotional moments, and showing how Jersey’s construction industry as a whole rose to the challenge, worked together and triumphed. Our team were there almost daily for a new way of working – physically distanced. With the site changing so rapidly, we installed time lapse cameras to ensure we covered every moment. We also used a hyper lapse technique, which emphasised the speed of the construction. Drone footage gave us another perspective, a sense of scale and context, all on top of the regular filming and photography we were doing on the ground. At the same time, our design and web team created and built a website in record time, and we set up and managed social media channels for J3 to share the progress and to thank the community for their incredible support. 

Marc Burton, who led the Nightingale project, was awarded an MBE for his work, and J3 won a National Award in the Proud to Help category at the 2020 Building Awards.

“The construction of the Nightingale Wing of the Jersey General Hospital was an amazing example of the construction community of Jersey coming together. With 83 different local companies being involved over 25 days, everyone worked extremely hard to complete the project to a very tight deadline. This award shortlisting is testament to the talent and skill that we have on the Island along with the community spirit that kept the team going.” Marc Burton, Nightingale Project Director

Here’s the story of how the Nightingale Wing of the Jersey General Hospital was realised, told in just four minutes.