Project: Life as a trainee: KPMG CI
Client: KPMG
Deliverables: Video

Attracting school leavers and graduates to trainee schemes is a seriously competitive market, with four big accountancy firms vying for the top talent. Convincing a graduate to relocate to Jersey is another level of challenge; but one that could be addressed by showcasing all the benefits of living and working in the stunning Channel Islands in a short video. What better way to convince school leavers and undergrads to apply for a trainee scheme with KPMG in the Channel Islands than to show them a day-in-the-life of a KPMG trainee? 

We chose to shoot it in a vlog style to appeal to the younger audience. By focussing on the reality of Jersey’s unique selling points – the short commute, the outdoor lifestyle, the beach – and on the structure of the trainee programme, and by filming the trainees enjoying all these benefits, we created a persuasive video to help the HR team in their recruitment drive for the next intake.

The trainee video was fundamental in attracting significantly more applicants – so much so that they had all their school leaver vacancies filled in record time.