Project: Cartons with a conscience
Client: Jersey Dairy
Deliverables: Packaging design

Jersey Dairy commissioned us to redesign their milk cartons – it was time for these supermarket staples to have a fresh, modern look.

The cartons have been unchanged for years with their traditional blue, green, yellow and orange panels featuring the iconic Jersey cow. Revamping the cartons had to be done sympathetically but it was also a chance for the packaging to stand out and tout its natural benefits among the growing number of milks alternatives on shelf.

There were four key considerations; the cow, the colours, the nutritional values and the eco credentials.

Our Senior Designer created a design featuring the cows in silhouette for a modern take on the Jersey cow. Stacked next to each other on shelf, they would form a continuous line. The familiar colours were tweaked so they would hold up better on the brown packaging, and two new colours were chosen to complement the range; black for organic and purple for lactose free.

Clean, strong typography was chosen and key nutritional values were included front and centre, along with Bring Back Breakfast visuals on the side panel. The brown carton reflects the natural goodness of the milk.

Jersey Dairy is the first dairy in the world to hold the “LEAF Marque” on its fresh milk packaging, due to the environmental credentials of the milk production process in the island.

The new carton is Carbon Trust certified. Manufactured by Tetra Pak, the new “Rex Bio” cartons have reduced the carbon footprint of each package by 22% using plastics made from sugarcane.

This new carton will be the first of its type in the UK and the Channel Islands and while they are not recyclable due to the limitations of recycling resources in Jersey for Tetra Pak products, the new cartons are a step in the right direction.