Project: Bring Back Breakfast
Client: Jersey Dairy
Deliverables: Video, Photography, Branding, Campaign, Design and Website

One in four people skip breakfast because of their hectic lifestyles. Jersey Dairy asked us to develop a campaign that would change these habits and get more people eating dairy as part of a healthy breakfast. We paired up with Registered Sport and Exercise Nutritionist (SENr) Kit Chamier to endorse the campaign and worked with him to produce recipe cards, nutritional info and videos extolling the health benefits of dairy.

Our account team wrote a campaign strategy and plan which included the 4 distinct audiences the campaign was to target: families, dieters, people with active lifestyles and corporates. Our designer developed a fresh, strong brand using beautiful food photography to inspire the audience with breakfast ideas. Our in-house photographer and food stylist worked together to create bespoke photography to illustrate the recipes for maximum visual appeal.

Our web team built a dedicated campaign page full of advice, facts about the benefits of breakfast and downloadable recipes. The creative team produced pull-up banners and roadside banners for sampling events, shelf wobblers for the supermarket, comparison cards to show the nutritional value of Jersey Dairy milk compared to milk alternatives, animated milk facts for social media and 10 second videos to represent the different target audiences.